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Audio Captioning, Domain Adaptation, Multimodal Translation, Source Separation, Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events, Machine Listening

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Automated audio captioning challenge at DCASE 2020
updated: 19-04-2020 13:02

Join the automated audio captioning challenge at the international DCASE 2020 challenge! 

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Clotho: A novel audio captioning dataset!
updated: 19-04-2020 11:51

I’m happy to announce the release of Clotho! A novel audio captioning dataset, built with focus on audio content and caption diversity, and the splits of the data are not hampering the training or evaluation of methods.

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Building Vim with Anaconda Python 3 on macOS

How to build Vim on macOS, with Anaconda Python 3. 

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Python pathlib conveniences I: Renaming files

For most file operations usually you use the os library. This leads to repeating and lengthy code. But pathlib offers a really convenient alternative.

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Count items in an iterator in Python

Count the items that an interator has, without storing all items in memory. 

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