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Disentangling a list of lists in Python

How to disentangle a list of lists in Python

My .screenrc file

An example of a .screenrc file with Vim-like navigation and widnow resizing

Building GNU Screen on macOS

How to build GNU Screen on macOS

Bold Greek letters and symbols in LaTeX

You can make bold latin letters in LaTeX. How about bold Greek letters and symbols? 

Building Vim with Anaconda Python 3 on macOS

Building Vim on macOS from source, with Anaconda Python 3. 

Python pathlib conveniences I: Renaming files

For most file operations usually you use the os library. This leads to repeating and lengthy code. But pathlib offers a really convenient alternative.

Count items in an iterator in Python

Count the items that an interator has, without storing all items in memory. 

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