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Automated audio captioning challenge task - 2020
updated: 11-07-2020 19:59

Automated audio captioning challenge task is over for 2020. Here are some first details. 

Automated audio captioning challenge at DCASE 2020
updated: 19-04-2020 13:02

Join the automated audio captioning challenge at the international DCASE 2020 challenge! 

Clotho: A novel audio captioning dataset!
updated: 19-04-2020 11:51

I’m happy to announce the release of Clotho! A novel audio captioning dataset, built with focus on audio content and caption diversity, and the splits of the data are not hampering the training or evaluation of methods.

Unsupervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Acoustic Scene Classification
updated: 01-11-2019 17:53

One of the very first methods for unsupervised adversarial domain adaptation for acoustic scene classification. 

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