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Emotional Control and Visual Representation Using Advanced Audiovisual Interaction [Journal]

Vassilis Psarras, Andreas Floros, Konstantinos Drossos, and Marianne Strapatsakis, “Emotional Control and Visual Representation Using Advanced Audiovisual Interaction”, International Journal of Arts and Technology, Vol. 4 (4), 2011, pp. 480-498

Modern interactive means combined with new digital media processing and representation technologies can provide a robust framework for enhancing user experience in multimedia entertainment systems and audiovisual artistic installations with non-traditional interaction/feedback paths based on user affective state. In this work, the ‘Elevator’ interactive audiovisual platform prototype is presented, which aims to provide a framework for signalling and expressing human behaviour related to emotions (such as anger) and finally produce a visual outcome of this behaviour, defined here as the emotional ‘thumbnail’ of the user. Optimised, real-time audio signal processing techniques are employed for monitoring the achieved anger-like behaviour, while the emotional elevation is attempted using appropriately selected combined audio/visual content reproduced using state-of-the-art audiovisual playback technologies that allow the creation of a realistic immersive audiovisual environment. The demonstration of the proposed prototype has shown that affective interaction is possible, allowing the further development of relative artistic and technological applications.

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